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KX-21 hematology analyzer failure exampl

Published:2013-07-11 11:39:15[Close]

Fault 1: RBC / WBC / PLT count errors instrument detects the signal processing unit on cell count, every 0.5 seconds, the number of signals in a certain range, if out of specification, illustrate unstable instrument counting errors.

Causes and Countermeasures:

1. Samples analyzed whether aggregation, replace the sample was measured. 

2. Check electrical noise interference: check next to no electromagnetic interference devices; Check the grounding is good, including the detection unit, circuit boards, power supply unit, compressor parts.

3 Check the RBC, WBC and HGB detection chamber below the insulation chamber emptying properly.

4 Check the detection chamber or detector pore is contaminated: Available cleaning and maintenance procedures cleaned or a brush cleaning detector pore.

5 detector pore (ruby part) is damaged: If the replacement must replace the entire detector.

6 Check cell count quantitative diaphragm and the detector between the pipeline is blocked, MV21-2 is normal. 7. Circuit board failure, check NO6363 and NO2135. Failure II: HGB HGB measurement error is by photoelectric conversion (A / D conversion) to complete, when HGB BLANK less than 50 or more than 10000; when HGB SAMPLE-HGB BLANK less than -50 or HGB SAMPLE-HGB BLANK greater than 3600, the instrument reports an error.

Causes and Countermeasures:

1. Dilution or hemolytic agent is a bubble, replace the reagents.

2.HGB BLANK value bad: Adjust NO2135 board VR1.

3.HGB detection chamber pollution: first with the use of cleaning and maintenance procedures cleaned, if not resolved, can be used syringe cleaning agent into the detection chamber cleaning.

4.WBC test specimens room enough: Diluent enough checks MV8-1, MV8-2, SV8 and WBC / HGB diaphragm. Hemolytic agent is not checked MV8-1, MV8-3, MV. 4, SV4, SV8 and hemolytic agent diaphragm. 5, HGB attract bad: Check MV15, SV15. Check from WBC detection chamber, HGB specimen suction tube HGB detection chamber, insulated room MV15, waste compartment is smooth.

6 circuit board failure: check NO2135 or NO6363.

7 photoelectric failure: You must replace the entire media converter.

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